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Stella Nakamoto

Stella Nakamoto is the deuteragonist of Sanmalari and the second oldest character of mine.

Another one of my lovely friends selected her as the subject of this post.

Stella was created circa June 16th, 2007. She was originally a 12-year old human, with blonde hair before she became Japanese, at which point her hair became black. She kept the name Stella against reason, but this helped shape the Yarq language.

Around the time of 2009-2010 when Stella first became an elf she had curly black hair and emotions. She was very smart, sporting a photographic memory and eventually synesthesia. She had an adverse emotional reaction to a traumatic event, prompting me to give her psychological problems.

Instead of giving her "psychological problems" I decided to look up psychosis and try to find a specific one for her. This lead me to psychopathy, which she already exhibited many of the symptoms of being a psychopath.

Though rather than being incredibly emotional, she became incredibly emotionless.

Stella was born August 23rd. 1686 in Prophet's Circle, Sun Shrine. The native language of Sun Shrine is Yarq, which is based on English, Italian, Greek, Latin, Japanese, Tagalog and Spanish. The language does not have a c, instead having the letter é.

Sun Shrine is a harsh desert climate and it encircled by four volcanoes that spew sulfuric acid into the skies above it. The residents are very unhealthy, being inflicted with lung and heart ailments. This, poverty and violence, is why life spans in Sun Shrine are typically short (10 years is a milestone).

Stella herself has asthma, a condition that she manages with frankincense. Her mother died when she was young and her father was convicted of a crime she has no idea about. As a convicted criminal, he has to do hard labor for eight hours a day. He is unpaid during those hours, so he has to work even more hours to make money for him and Stella.

Stella was a copper miner until she met Amrello, a girl a year younger than her who was hustling elves in chess. Stella was one of her marks, but after losing all of her money to her she honed her skills and sought her out again.

The two have an on and off again friendship. Stella considers Amrello to be a learning experience about "common elves" however.

Stella is a psychopath with a limited capacity to care for others. She has high observational skills and learns things quickly.

She is sadomasochistic and enjoys inflicting and receiving pain, though she much more enjoys inflicting it. Though she is 14 (preadolescence) she is very promiscuous. Sex, herself, power and food and the four most important things in the universe to her.

Stella suffers from delusions of grandeur. She believes that she is immortal and also that she is a God, of escalating importance (i.e. fire, than universe than God of Gods).

Stella is very curious and hates not knowing things.

Stella is a pyromaniac and a pyrophile. She really loves fire and fire loves her, making her a very rare empathetic fire user (which is a story term which I am not going to explain in this post.)


1. When Snetian Elves reach age 10, they receive a crown of grass leaves. Stella loves this crown more than her own father.

2. Stella does not have a photographic memory nor does she have synesthesia anymore.

3. Stella loves reading and her favorite author is Zanoro Blue-Windsor.

4. Stella's hero is Tal San, the third Sanmalari. His name means "God of the Sun" and there is a religion dedicated to him in Sun Shrine. Stella debates whether it is appropriate for a God to have heroes.

5. Stella's English is horrendous. It is her second language and the way she speaks it is using substitution. She speaks using the Yarq sentence structure and English words.

6. Stella's hair is now dark brown and ratty. 

Author's comments
Stella is my favorite character that I've ever made. Her role within Sanmalari has changed substantial with a formal diagnosis with psychopathy. Originally she was meant to be a straight up hero, the brains of the operation.

Her role in the story falls somewhere around anti-villain and anti-hero, which I'm not entirely sure. But she's certainly a lot of fun to write about.

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