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Kagami Amaya

Kagami Amaya is the antagonist of Mahō no Hogosha!

Kagami was created around mid to late 2012. She was based around the trope Dark Magic girl and off of the page picture (which is Fate Testarossa). Initially Kagami was very incompetent and lacked self-confidence.

Though as time went on, Kagami became a cooler, more confident person eventually becoming the stoic realist that she is now.

Kagami was born on February 25th, 1997 in Nagasaki, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan. When she was two years old her mother vanished without a trace, her father often spoke fondly of her, except when he talked about her walking out on them.

She started martial arts lessons when she was 5 and sword fighting ones when she was 8. Growing up, she was incredibly close with her father, but when she was 12 he too abandon her, leaving her in the care of Hamasaki Masume.

The dual abandonment of her parents soured Kagami on human relationships and she decided that they were pointless as they would inevitable end in heartache, whether through one party getting sick of the other or dying.

Kagami is very blunt, though she speaks in a verbose manner. She speaks in a monotonous voice and is usually very serious. Her favorite brand of humor is wit and deadpan, making it next to impossible to tell if she is joking or not.

Kagami is decidedly literal minded, resenting sayings such as "It's a pleasure to meet you", especially since meeting people is more of a bother to her than a pleasure.

Kagami is calm and quite confident in herself. She has no qualms about injuring other people with her martial arts, though she will usually threaten violence before actually using it on people.

Kagami does not dislike other people or their company. She simply finds forming lasting bonds with them to be a pointless endeavor. She has never allowed people to use her given name (which is Amaya) because it indicates closeness.

1. Kagami's favorite color is purple.

2. Kagami loves the water. She's a good swimmer and also enjoys dancing in the rain.

3. Kagami ("Mirror") and Amaya ("Night rain") were chosen for her name because of Kagami's primary powers which are mimicry and water.

4. Kagami is terrified by fire.

5. She dislikes being called Kagi and Kaga.

Author's comment
Kagami is a very interesting character to me and one of my favorites. She is definitely the best antagonist that I have created so far. Her personality change from weak and incompetent to hyper-competent and stoic will always remain one of the best decisions I ever made.

Though it wasn't entirely a conscious decisions (as I said before these sort of things "just happen") I have to allow it and sort of nurture the change and try to guide it into the right direction.

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