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Hey guys, I don't know how permanent this is, but I feel the need to take a break from blogging. I've missed two days of my schedule, I don't know if I have any more tips left in me. If I have any more and I ever feel like blogging again, I'll let you know. But right now it kind of feels like a chore.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Aceline Callow-Nováková

Aceline is the protagonist and title character of Aceline's Paracosm.

Aceline was created in May of 2012. She was inspired by the wild tissue monster from this Puffs commercial. Aceline began as a little girl with a tiger hairband who imagined that she was a tiger and played the hot lava game.

Though this quickly changed into the hairband actually giving her the abilities of a tiger. The title of the story came from randomly browsing wikipedia and reading the article for paracosm. Temale-Netam, the eponymous world which Aceline imagined. At least at first.

Temale-Netam is now the creation of Aceline's schizophrenic mind and whether or not it actually exists is a driving point of the story. Her age was recently increased from 7 to 9.

Aceline was born on May 11th, 2005. She was conceived out of wedlock and her parents married shortly before she was born. She has an older maternal half-brother, Erik Novák and an older paternal half-sister, Sky Callow.

Aceline was delayed developmentally, not walking until she was nearly 2 and not talking until a year later. This lead to her eventual misdiagnosis as autistic.

She was thought to be highly imaginative when she was little, having created a complex imaginary world populated with characters that seemed real. She would share stories with her siblings about her world and insisted that it was real.

Because she was so young, her family didn't think there was anything wrong with this. Her behavior began to steadily get worse and she was diagnosed with schizophrenia at the age of 7. Shortly after being diagnosed with schizophrenia her relationship with her siblings deteriorated.

Aceline is very friendly and protective of the people she loves. Any perceived threat to them is enough to make her react violently, along with getting significantly agitated. Though Aceline hates violence she is sometimes unable to control herself.

Along with being agitated, low mood and feelings of neglect make her fall away into Temale-Netam. She is a very hyper child and will often be up at the crack of dawn. Aceline loves animals, especially tigers. She believes that they are the most adorable creatures on the planet and doesn't think they are dangerous. In Temale-Netam, she is best friends with a talking tiger, which may be why she believes this.

1. Aceline has many hairbands, all of which give her powers of the animal it resembles. Though while wearing them she cannot talk. She finds this strange however, since they come from Temale-Netam and the animals there can all talk.

2. Aceline was probably not originally hyper. Her hyperness was actually a side effect of stopping thorazine, which somehow found it's way into a permanent part of her personality.

3. Aceline's birthday is the same as the date the first draft was originally published on bookrix.

Author's comments
Aceline's Paracosm was one of my earlier stories I attempted to write, trying to update it as I went along. Though I haven't worked much on the story in over two years, I feel I'll eventually get to it once I get through my other projects at which time I hope it is a better project and Aceline a better character.

I do like Aceline, she's one of my more adorable characters (not hard only being 9 right?). I'm torn between how the story should end, it seems like there are many different fates for both Aceline's Paracosm and Aceline herself.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

How to write introverts and social anxiety

Shy and anxious characters often find themselves into fiction. Usually as secondary characters. The exception seems to be when her social anxiety is the main part of the show.

Introversion does not mean that you are anti-social and that you dislike interacting with people. The change is in how your character prefers to interact with people. Introverts expend energy when interacting with people, whereas extroverts gain energy from social interactions.

Introverts also prefer to interact with a smaller group of people.

Social anxiety
Social anxiety also does not mean you're anti-social, though you're more likely to come off that way. Social anxiety presents as an intense and often unrealistic fear of interacting with people or quite simply just discomfort.

There are many ways your character might experience social anxiety.

- Asking somebody for something is often difficult, even if you are close to the person or it's an important question. Your character may feel like she is being bothersome or anticipate rejection. Instead she might opt to wait for the person to ask her for what it is she wants, as not to come off as bothersome.

- Clamming up. Your character may go quiet during a conversation, particularly during an argument when lots of people are talking. She is very likely to be talked over and allow it to happen, though she may not want to accept it, it is difficult for her to talk while others are doing so.

- Eagerness to end social interactions. She'll want to like social interactions and she may in fact like them, but if they go on too long, she will grow wary of it and want it to end.

- Dwelling on to things. If your character does something embarrassing or something she deems to be embarrassing she will dwell on it, possibly forever. It doesn't matter if it's not a big deal to anybody else, she will want that moment back and to have done something different.

- Talking to people in general is preceded by intense feelings of discomfort and a "psychological block" from inside the chest that makes it feel like it's impossible to speak.

Social anxiety is very frustrating to the sufferer because she wants to be more social but doesn't know how to and/or can't.

As you may have been able to tell, I am speaking from personal experience. I am not sure how much of it is a learned behavior and how much is inborn (I suspect it's a good deal both) but in any case it's not something that is easily overcome and I suspect that it isn't even possible (but that's probably just me).

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

How to write a song

Writing a song is a bit like writing a poem. The two most important parts of are rhyme and rhythm.

What to write about
That depends of course on the type of song that you are writing. But you should write about something that you are familiar with, something you should always do. If you write a theme song, you have a few routes that you can go.

Your theme song should encompass the mood of the series and perhaps even explain things about it. The most important thing to consider with a theme song is it's length. You can write a full length song if you want, but only part of it is actually going to make it into the show.

A parody song will take a different approach, you will already have a tune and rhythm for which to work, while trying to write an entirely new song all together.

How to write a theme song
Though theme songs are becoming obsolete in favor of short instrumental openings and overlaying the show with credits. If you do chose to go the way of writing a lyrical theme song you must consider the tone of the show.

If the tune of the theme song doesn't reflect the mood of the show it can be quite jarring. The show and theme song not matching in moods can be done intentionally for comedic or dramatic effects. Such as, misleading the viewers who are expecting a typical show, when yours is anything but.

How to write a parody song
Parody songs are meant to be funny and where you decide to draw the humor is up to you. You could make fun of the song itself, the type of song or just base the lyrics off of the song. Each line will have to fit by syllable and sound. In other words, you need to be able to substitute your lyrics with the original and not miss a beat in the rhythm.

Rhyming is very important in parody songs, particularly at the end of the line. Don't fret about matching thing perfectly or even using the same syllables in each lines, if you come close enough and it doesn't disrupt the beat it should be usable.

Final tips
- Songs usually tell a story, with the chorus line typically being the most emotional portion of the story.
- Think of your song as being a poem, using flowery language and purple prose as you would a poem.
- Setting the tune will be of enormous help as you'll be able to figure out the right amount of syllables and lines you need in each verse.
- Don't forget about the instruments.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Eri Inagaki

Eri is the main protagonist from Maho no Hogosha!

Eri was created around mid to late 2012. She was created alongside three of the other four protectors (Amy and the idea for Maho no Hogosha! was actually created in 2007 or 2008) and though Amy was originally the main character, this role was eventually shifted to Eri.

Eri was born March 22nd, 1998 in Nagasaki, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan. Orphaned in babyhood, Eri has no memory or knowledge of her parents and her grandmother won't tell her anything about them. She and her grandmother left Japan when she was five and moved to Anaheim, California, USA where they have been since.

She first met Amy in Kindergarten and they've been friends since. At around age nine, she joined the soccer team along with Amy. That is where they first met Alex, and while she does hangout with her, she finds her rather annoying and considers her to be Amy's friend.

Eri has been described by many people who met her as boring and a fuddy-duddy. Eri is usually a nice person, but she has the potential for cruelty, particularly towards Alex. She enjoys soccer and magical girl mangas.

After finding Chiyo in her trashcan and learning about her destiny as a protector of magic, Eri was ecstatic, believing that being like Sailor Moon would a lot of fun. Though this feeling wouldn't last as many of the things she was asked to do were against her religion of Buddhism and the reality of her job began to dawn on her.

Eri is a passive person, often taking the path of least resistance and letting people steamroll over her. She dislikes conflict and will often act as a peacemaker.

1. Eri plays defense next to Alex. Though Alex is a better defender than her, Eri is ranked 1st in the league. This is due to Alex missing many games due to misconducting herself on the field.

2. Eri is the third protector of magic, the equilibrium. She has an orange pendant.

3. Amy's little sister, Ariel, looks up to Eri and thinks of her as a big sister.

4. Eri is exactly one half inch shorter than Alex.

Author's comments
Eri is currently torn between two different roads her characters could take. I can't tell you much about them as they're likely a spoiler, but I find it quite interesting and while I'm not sure exactly how she'd be I think that it fits more with the rest of the story.

I'm sorry if I was confusing. Eri isn't the most interesting of characters when she first starts out, but I love how she changes over the course of the story.

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Want to see pictures of Eri? Check out my gallery on deviantART:

If you would like more information on Alex, particularly of spoilerish nature, you know where you can contact me. If I don't know you, I won't give you any spoilers. I'm sorry.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

How to write a villain protagonist

In one of my first posts, Making villains - Part 1 I talked more about villains as antagonist. In this post, I will talk about villains as protagonists.

Types of villain protagonists
There are three main types of villain protagonist.

Anti-hero: Usually, the villain will start out this way and become a fallen hero or the reverse will happen when changing sides. In the case of the latter, she would no longer be a villain protagonist.

Anti-villain: While in anti-hero is a hero who possess qualities of a non-classic hero, an anti-villain is a villain who possess qualities of a non-classic villain. There's usually some overlap between anti-villain and anti-hero.

Villain: These are the guys who do it for the evulz. The guys who torture little puppies and tear down orphanages for her own amusement. Classic villains.

When picking a villain protagonist all choices are valid, but it of course depends on the type of work your aiming for. If you're doing a comedy, a classic villain can work quite well, especially with a healthy dose of incompetence.

Though in a more dramatic work, an anti-villain is probably a better way to go.

You probably want to stay away from anti-hero's altogether unless you want to show a rise to villainy.

Keys to writing a villain protagonist
It's probably counter-intuitive as a writer, but the most important thing about the villain protagonist is that she's likeable.And if you're writing a character who is truly villainous , this might prove difficult.

Here are some tips on writing a likeable villain.

1. Have an amusing personality. Of course all your characters should have good personalities, but readers will forgive a lot more transgressions if they find your character to be amusing.

2. Give your villain standards. Your villain can be an arsonist, serial killer and even a terrorist. But some things are just hard to redeem, such as killing young children and raping people. Better than simply not doing these things, would be to oppose these things.

3. Show the villain as a person. Give her a family, give her struggles. Maybe she's a thief because she was a homeless teenager (yes, that is one of my characters).

4. Gray morality is your friend. Your villain, in all likelihood, doesn't see herself as evil. The thing is to show your readers that your villain isn't evil. Show the light side of what she does, show why it's necessary (to return to the thief example, she's a homeless teenager). Show the dark side of the heroes, show why what they're doing could be construed as evil.

It's important to remember that while you will want to justify your villains to some extent, they're still supposed to be villains. Otherwise they're not villain protagonists and more like anti-heroes.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Aden Sanmalari

Aden is the chief antagonist of Sanmalari. He was selected as the subject of this post by my lovely friend, Naomi M-B.

Aden is one of my oldest characters, being created sometime in 2010 or 2011. Shortly before he was created the sanmalari line was familial and one of the four elemental powers was passed down by birth and death.

Tera actually was apart of the sanmalari line and had inherited three of the four powers at birth (because she was the second born and her mother died in childbirth). Though now, the sanmalari is in possession of all four elemental powers at birth and solar and lunar powers.

Aden was reborn May 23rd, 1686 inside of the Ketra Wake forest.

There is only ever one sanmalari alive at one time and the gender alternates with each reincarnation. Aden is the 63rd reincarnation of the sanmalari. Shortly before he was born, the elves found Tera and mistook her to be the sanmalari.

When he was born he was found by Athfas Nashon, a dalsam (which is an elf like creature that has a more limited range magic wise). Aden is the first sanmalari to ever be found by the dalsams and they decided to keep his existence secret from the elves.

Aden was initial taught in lunar, water, earth and air magics, magic that the dalsams are capable of manipulating. As he reached high levels in these doctrines they decided that he needed a teacher for solar and fire magics so they kidnapped an elf and forced her to train him.

Aden is arrogant and despite being younger than his teachers, he acts as though he is their superior, because he is the Sanmalari and the rightful King of the Elves. Being the Sanmalari, he believes himself to be nearly invincible.

He does understand that he is beatable however, but he expects to win every single one-on-one battle and even most battles where he is outnumbered by one or two people.

Aden quite lacks patience and will try to force things to go along as quickly as he can.

1. Aden like all sanmalari lack a sex drive and reproductive system.

2. Aden's name means fire which was originally the name of one of the first four sanmalari.

3. Sanmalari is derived from the Yarq words san ("Sun") ma ("Moon") and larai ("Earth").

4. Speaking of which, the Sanmalari is the child of the Sun, Moon and Earth, hence the name.

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Author's comment
Aden is quite possibly one of the last changed characters that I have ever made. Though he is arrogant, his arrogance is not unfounded as he is the most powerful character in Sanmalari and one of the most powerful characters I have ever created.

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If you would like more information on Aden, particularly of spoilerish nature, you know where you can contact me. If I don't know you, I won't give you any spoilers. I'm sorry.