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Aden Sanmalari

Aden is the chief antagonist of Sanmalari. He was selected as the subject of this post by my lovely friend, Naomi M-B.

Aden is one of my oldest characters, being created sometime in 2010 or 2011. Shortly before he was created the sanmalari line was familial and one of the four elemental powers was passed down by birth and death.

Tera actually was apart of the sanmalari line and had inherited three of the four powers at birth (because she was the second born and her mother died in childbirth). Though now, the sanmalari is in possession of all four elemental powers at birth and solar and lunar powers.

Aden was reborn May 23rd, 1686 inside of the Ketra Wake forest.

There is only ever one sanmalari alive at one time and the gender alternates with each reincarnation. Aden is the 63rd reincarnation of the sanmalari. Shortly before he was born, the elves found Tera and mistook her to be the sanmalari.

When he was born he was found by Athfas Nashon, a dalsam (which is an elf like creature that has a more limited range magic wise). Aden is the first sanmalari to ever be found by the dalsams and they decided to keep his existence secret from the elves.

Aden was initial taught in lunar, water, earth and air magics, magic that the dalsams are capable of manipulating. As he reached high levels in these doctrines they decided that he needed a teacher for solar and fire magics so they kidnapped an elf and forced her to train him.

Aden is arrogant and despite being younger than his teachers, he acts as though he is their superior, because he is the Sanmalari and the rightful King of the Elves. Being the Sanmalari, he believes himself to be nearly invincible.

He does understand that he is beatable however, but he expects to win every single one-on-one battle and even most battles where he is outnumbered by one or two people.

Aden quite lacks patience and will try to force things to go along as quickly as he can.

1. Aden like all sanmalari lack a sex drive and reproductive system.

2. Aden's name means fire which was originally the name of one of the first four sanmalari.

3. Sanmalari is derived from the Yarq words san ("Sun") ma ("Moon") and larai ("Earth").

4. Speaking of which, the Sanmalari is the child of the Sun, Moon and Earth, hence the name.

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Author's comment
Aden is quite possibly one of the last changed characters that I have ever made. Though he is arrogant, his arrogance is not unfounded as he is the most powerful character in Sanmalari and one of the most powerful characters I have ever created.

Any questions or comments? Leave one below or email me at emanation63@gmail.com

If you would like more information on Aden, particularly of spoilerish nature, you know where you can contact me. If I don't know you, I won't give you any spoilers. I'm sorry.

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