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Eri Inagaki

Eri is the main protagonist from Maho no Hogosha!

Eri was created around mid to late 2012. She was created alongside three of the other four protectors (Amy and the idea for Maho no Hogosha! was actually created in 2007 or 2008) and though Amy was originally the main character, this role was eventually shifted to Eri.

Eri was born March 22nd, 1998 in Nagasaki, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan. Orphaned in babyhood, Eri has no memory or knowledge of her parents and her grandmother won't tell her anything about them. She and her grandmother left Japan when she was five and moved to Anaheim, California, USA where they have been since.

She first met Amy in Kindergarten and they've been friends since. At around age nine, she joined the soccer team along with Amy. That is where they first met Alex, and while she does hangout with her, she finds her rather annoying and considers her to be Amy's friend.

Eri has been described by many people who met her as boring and a fuddy-duddy. Eri is usually a nice person, but she has the potential for cruelty, particularly towards Alex. She enjoys soccer and magical girl mangas.

After finding Chiyo in her trashcan and learning about her destiny as a protector of magic, Eri was ecstatic, believing that being like Sailor Moon would a lot of fun. Though this feeling wouldn't last as many of the things she was asked to do were against her religion of Buddhism and the reality of her job began to dawn on her.

Eri is a passive person, often taking the path of least resistance and letting people steamroll over her. She dislikes conflict and will often act as a peacemaker.

1. Eri plays defense next to Alex. Though Alex is a better defender than her, Eri is ranked 1st in the league. This is due to Alex missing many games due to misconducting herself on the field.

2. Eri is the third protector of magic, the equilibrium. She has an orange pendant.

3. Amy's little sister, Ariel, looks up to Eri and thinks of her as a big sister.

4. Eri is exactly one half inch shorter than Alex.

Author's comments
Eri is currently torn between two different roads her characters could take. I can't tell you much about them as they're likely a spoiler, but I find it quite interesting and while I'm not sure exactly how she'd be I think that it fits more with the rest of the story.

I'm sorry if I was confusing. Eri isn't the most interesting of characters when she first starts out, but I love how she changes over the course of the story.

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