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Tera Sanmalari

Tera Sanmalari is the protagonist of Sanmalari and the oldest character of mine.

Tera was created June 15th, 2007. Though her character and purpose were vastly different. Tera was a young human child who was being abused by her family. She was quite smart for her upbringing and for just being six (she spent nearly all her life locked in a closet).

She had a photographic memory in an attempt to justify her intelligence. After a few failed attempts to write Tera's story, her evolution was eventually influenced by Avatar: The Last Airbender and Charmed.

Around 2009-2010 Tera became an Elf with mutated grass hair named T.T. the way she is today.

Tera was born June 15th, 1680 in an unknown location. She turned up in a forest on May 23rd of 1686 on the day of black sun. Having bee placing grass in her hair, it mutated into T.T. and she was later found by the Elves and mistaken for the reincarnation of the Sanmalari.

This is why Tera believes herself to be 6 years younger than she actually is. (On another note, 6 years old is still a baby). Tera was shipped to the Isle of Mantralla to live with the Larpei's under the name of Tera Larpei.

Tera was neglected by Lorro and Sifer, her 'father' and 'mother' respectively. The neglect only increased after they had a daughter, Razzure.

Her life at school was no better, as she was bullied and ridiculed for her hair, someone that Tera frequently talks to, though T.T. is able to answer her telepathically (as is Tera, though she likes talking to her out loud) it looks as though Tera is talking to herself.

The other children call her a gorgon and Medusa, throw rocks at her and refuse to play with her. Though she has the very diminutive height of 2'10", no one has ever teased her about it.

Tera battled a bout of depression and is very lonely, even with the constant companionship of T.T. her "second mind" is often critical of her, impolite and can emotionally distant. Tera has a massive temper that T.T. usually keeps under control for her.

Tera's loneliness drives her to try to find friends and her willingness to accept anyone as a friend makes her a horrible judge of character. Tera will do anything for her friends and to keep them. She is naive, gullible and easily manipulated.

Tera is very dutiful and hates letting people down. She has an empathetic relationship with plants, allowing her Earth and Air magic to come easy to her. This is also the reason why she is a carnivore by choice, as she feels like eating plants is cannibalism.

1. Tera no longer has a photographic memory and her intelligence is average.

2. Tera is left-handed.

3. Tera has many illnesses due to malnutrition. She is malnourished due to the parasitic nature of T.T. (that's also why she's 2'10")

4. Tera has a beautiful singing voice.

5. T.T. is 12-feet tall, meaning together they can reach heights of nearly 15 feet from the ground.

6. Tera and her past incarnation has spawned at least 5 others characters.

Author's comment
I always find it difficult to describe Tera's personality because of how much it changes over the course of the story/series (Yes, I still haven't decided how long Sanmalari will be.). As my oldest character, Tera has a special place in my heart, along with Stella Nakamoto, who was created some uncertain days after her.

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