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Alex Aquique

So I was talking to my good friend again and she suggested that I make posts about my favorite protagonists and villains and what not.

So why this one is on a Sunday, I will make posts such as this in the future on Tuesdays.

Since it was her idea, I let her pick the inaugural character, who will be Alex Aquique! A major supporting character from Mahō no Hogosha!

Alex was originally created in mid to late 2012, though her existence was purely accidental. I was making another character in anime face maker but she didn't turn out looking exactly like herself and I decided that I would make her into a new character.

So I changed the hairstyle to pigtails and named her Alex. At the time, the main characters of Mahō no Hogosha! were only 12 and since Alex looked quite young, she was younger than them and a backup player on the soccer team which most of the main characters (Eri, Amy and Hannah) played on.

So for a short while Alex was just a face and a name. I decided that all of Amy's friends shouldn't be magical like her, so Alex became her non-magical friend. I decided to make all the main characters 14 at some point.

Alex was born on June 22nd, 1998 in Carabobo, Valencia, Venezuela. Her full name is Alejandra Aquique Temprano and she moved to the United States around age 7, the same age in which her father died of an aneurysm.

Alex lives with her mother, Mirany, in an apartment in Anaheim, California. Alex has very little respect for her mother, as she has a career as a stripper, often comes home drunk and is very neglectful of Alex and their apartment in general.

Alex is incredibly impulsive and obnoxious. Though she does have a conscious, she often only thinks about her behavior in retrospect. Alex hosts a wealth of insecurities about herself, namely being flat-chested.

To help with her insecurities, she will attempt to project it onto someone else (i.e. calling Eri, someone half of an inch shorter than her, Shortstack.) or joke about. Though this is effective for shortness, it was unhelpful against being flat-chested and mistaken for a boy.

Alex wears her hair in a pigtail, which according to her, is "the girliest hairstyle known to mankind."

Alex enjoys playing soccer, a game taught to her by her late father. She's a defender and is very good at what she does. Though she is arguably the best player on the team, her behavior is detrimental to the team as she often gets carded (and subsequently suspended) her team has never won a game in her absence.

Along with playing soccer, Alex enjoys watch boxing, wrestling and blowing things up. Other things that Alex enjoys are adorable things and eating popcorn when she is feeling sad.

Alex is also a hopeless romantic, though she believes that she will never find love. As a result she plays matchmaker and usually becomes more invested in the relationship than the actual participants.

1. English is Alex's second language. As such she has an interesting way of speaking. By smashing together contractions. So she says things such as: "I'mn't going to eat that." and "I'ven't seen you ages. How've you been, man?"

2. Alex sticks her tongue out whenever she takes a picture.

3. Alex always wears a blue cap. There's no real reason for this except that the character she was originally supposed to be a picture of always wore a hat.

Author's comments
Alex is one of the most complex characters I have created and also one of my favorites. Though most characters "evolve" to some extent or another, Alex is one of the characters who has undergone radical, slow and purposeless evolution, similar to real life. The other three such characters, are Tera, Stella and Kagami.

Not surprisingly, those are four of my five best and favorite characters (the fifth is Rei). Though the end results is a very good character, as I said, the process is long and seemingly unending. Which could pose a problem during writing.

Alex, in her first incarnation, appears in the first draft as she was created in 2012. Now though she is vastly different making her scenes irrelevant. Thought the first draft as a whole is horrible, I think you get my point.

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If you would like more information on Alex, particularly of spoilerish nature, you know where you can contact me. If I don't know you, I won't give you any spoilers. I'm sorry.

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