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Rei Akatsuka

Rei Akatsuka is a major supporting characters from the series Maho no Hogosha! Another one of my friends selected her for the subject of this blog post.

Rei was first created circa August 30th, 2012. She was created to be the younger twin sister of Ran, who like most of my characters were vastly different at inception.

Ran was named after Ran from Urusei Yatsura (I've never seen the anime, so why I named one of my characters after Ran is beyond me). Ran was created to be a future ally of the Earth Protector and to help populate the series.

While naming Japanese characters using 2000-names, I decided to see what Ran's name meant. (It means "Lilly" or "Orchid" for those of you who were curious.) The name directly below Ran, was Rei, a name which means "nothing, zero".

I thought, who names their kid that? I thought it sounded like a name you would give to a kid you didn't like.

And thus Rei was created.

Rei was born on July 16th, 2003 in Capitol City, Akatsuka, Nekomimia. The sixth and youngest daughter of Gina and Keiko Akatsuka. She was born 27 minutes after Ran, twins being exceptionally rare, Rei was a complete surprise. Her full name is, depending on who you ask, either, Null Rei Akatsuka the Prime, First order of Nothing or Zeta Rei Akatsuka the Prime of the First order. First heir to the Boruda Crown.

Only two people use the second one (Herself and Usagi), the title she should have inherited. The first one, as you've probably guess, is just an ignorant title that doesn't actually even exist. (But then again, neither does Zeta)

Now seems as good a time as any to explain the titles.

The Akatsukas are the royal family of Nekomima and also the protectors, as such, they have magical crowns which they inherit at the age of 10, if they are eligible to do so. I won't delve too much into eligibility, but basically you have to be one of the five oldest daughter of the Nekomimi crown to be guaranteed a crown. If you're just a niece, you'll only inherit it if someone meets their untimely demise.

The important part here, is that while for the daughters of the lesser four crowns are allowed to inherit if they're the eldest living daughter of the highest crown, the Nekomimi crown specifically mentions that the eldest five daughters shall inherit the crown.

Since Rei is the sixth child, she isn't in the line of succession. Still following? Good.

Rei's sisters and their titles are as follows (in birth order)

Alpha Manami Akatsuka the Prime, First Order of the Nekomimi Crown.
Beta Nori Akatsuka the Prime, First Order of the Vulkaveine Crown.
Gamma Suzume Akatsuka the Prime, First Order of the Earth Crown.
Delta Usagai Akatsuka the Prime, First Order of the Kawaii Crown.
Epsilon Ran Akatsuka the Prime of the First Order. Heir to the Boruda Crown.

Ran is only 9, while the others are aged 11 to 17.

The first part of the title (Alpha to Epsilon) designates the order in which they were born.
"the Prime" refers to the crown which they were born to or are ceding. All of them, sans Manami, will have to change their title once ceding their crowns to "the SecundoTertiusQuartus, or Quintus". (That is assuming they all live to cede their crowns)
"First Order" refers to the crown which they were born to and will be with them for life.
"Heir to" means they will inherit the crown upon reaching the age of 10.
"First heir, second heir, etc. to the Boruda Crown" is your place in the line of succession should a crown protector die. In the event that a crown protector does die, the crowns cycle upwards. Highest blood purity.

Now that I have gone off on a tangent, I will return to talking about Rei. Like all unpainted Akatsukas (Akatsuka's without crowns) she has white hair, eyes and fur, because she is considered a disgrace to the Akatsuka name and is thus poorly treated.

Rei spent much of her time confined to her bedroom and often went several days without being fed. Her mother Gina, her primary abuser, often beat and clawed her, leaving her with many scars along her body.

Though her family in general despised her, mistreats her and refers to her as a thing, she got along well with her twin sister when they were young and she enjoys a healthy relationship with Usagi.

Rei is somewhat emotionally disturbed. In general, she doesn't really like people and doesn't befriend them. Rei is quiet unless she knows and likes you, in which case she will be a lot opener and warmer.

Rei sleeps a lot, out of necessite and boredom. When she's not sleeping she likes to play with her puzzle or read her comic, The Masked Nekomimi. Though those are her only two possessions, she tries to solve it and read it different ways in an attempt to keep it fresh.

In addition to comics and puzzles, Rei enjoys roughhousing and hunting. She is also very imaginative and possesses an alter ego, a superhero named Kiyoko Koneko, the prodigious princess.

1. Rei is only permitted to wear black and grays, colors more often associated with the black hair, eyes and fur of the common Nekomimi.

2. Nekomimi are a one-gender species.

3. Rei's favorite things to eat are, shrimp, double fudge chocolate cake and raw milk.

4. Another thing Rei likes to do is leap onto and ride on Usagi's head.

5. Rei enjoys biting ears. Mainly just Usagi's, but this doesn't seem to bother her at all.

Author's comment
Rei is one of my favorite characters. As I mentioned in my previous posts, Rei isn't one of the characters who 'evolved' purposelessly. When she was first created, Rei was a lot grumpier and downtrodden, which made her similar to another character of mine, Tera Sanmalari.

What helps set them apart is their resilience. Rei is made of much sterner stuff than Tera, allowing them to go into completely different directions.

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