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Kami Renaldin

A guest post by Naomi M-B. A wonderful author whose stuff can be read here.

A particularly adorable main character in the ‘Destiny’s Joke’ series. He was selected by the lovely admin.
 Kami’s origins are rather disputed as different elements of him were created at different times. However, the original spark of his character was created in 2009 for a completely different (now abandoned) series called the ‘Sisters Saga’. Back then, he was a quiet an affable young man whose all-seeing eyes gave him an uncomfortably intimate relationship with a person’s mind.

Around 2011 most of my stories fell into abandonment. I salvaged only a handful of my favourite characters, Kami was among them. For a quite a while, he just floated around as one of my characters. This changed June 2012 with the start of a new story Those That Are Silent (which would mark the start of the Destiny’s Joke series). For this, his overall character was entirely reworked. Drawing inspiration from the lead singer of Antic Café, Kami became cute, happy, hyper and overall bubbly with hidden depths of Empathy and a dark past.

Kami was conceived using IVF treatment. His parents were both affiliated with a Genetic Engineering company called GenTricks. They were offered the treatment free of charge on two conditions, first that they name him ‘Kamitra’ and second that he be a subject in a study on the development of New Borns. They both agreed as they had already used up their free IVF cycles supplied by the NHS to have his older brother, Darren.
Unbeknownst to them, GenTricks manipulated Kami’s DNA, splicing it with a strain of Supernatural DNA (Beings with supernatural powers). This lead to him gaining the ability to first read a person with startling accuracy and then, later, to peer into their pasts and discover the events that shaped them.
Born January 3rd in a GenTricks research institute near central London, under the pretence of the study, he was whipped away from his parents just hours later. For the next three years, he lived in a laboratory filled with hundreds of other children and twenty GenTricks scientists. They were subjects of a near infamous experiment, among those in the know, called the ‘King Project’. During that time, he was tested, had an organic chip placed inside his brain and was psychically linked to three children a little older than him. The first initials of their names spell out the initials of their ‘Squad’: KSRT (Kami, Satra, Ren, Terone) King Subterfuge Reconnaissance Team.
They were the only four fully ‘completed’ as just days after, the Project was shut down. It was ordered that the subjects be disposed of and the Scientists executed. What they exactly meant by ‘Disposed of’ is unknown, the Scientists took this to mean destroyed. So, they deactivated the chips (rendering their powers to near uselessness) and hid all completed or partially completed experiments.
Kami was given to back to his parents and who were informed that the study was completed. However, at age five for some unknown reason his chip temporarily reactivated. With his power reawakened, he naïvely chattered about his parents’ private lives at the meal table (his mother’s secret drinking problem and his father’s two affairs). When asked how he knew, he stared at his mother and told her that their ‘strings’ told him, gesturing behind her. (He was in fact seeing her fate line). He then pointed at his father and recited his exact actions from getting up this morning which included going to see both his mistresses. Two days later, the chip deactivated again, removing the memories of these events from his mind.
The family was torn apart. His mother walked out and his father became convinced that Kami was a monster that had replaced his son. While Darren attempted to protect Kami at first, he was drawn away by other responsibilities and he partially blamed Kami for the tearing apart of his home life. So when he was accepted to join the army, he left with barely a second glance.
Alone with nothing but his father’s constant emotional abuse, Kami grew into a quiet, timid little boy that got overly flustered at the prospect of human interaction. Ashamed and disgusted with himself, he followed his father’s every command without question or hesitation. When ordered to eat of the floor he would do so. When ordered to stay in his room, he would stay, even if the door was open and he was starving.
Life changed slightly when he entered secondary school. First, he was reunited with Ren and Satra, though none of them had any memory of knowing each other before hand. Their chips, which were more on standby than complete deactivation, recognised each other. As such, Kami began to gain a little of Ren’s bravery and Satra’s cunning, he used them to find ways to avoid being at home. This only worked for a little while as his father quickly cottoned on and ordered him to always come straight home.
When he was twelve, Terone transferred into the school and Kami became slightly better at talking to people. By slightly better, I do of course mean, he gained the ability to actually talk to people without turning into a complete nervous wreck.
When he was thirteen, his father lost his job. Enraged, he blamed the entire incident on Kami. So, upon arriving home, he quickly found something to fault the boy on. It just so happened to be the dinner Kami had cooked. He threw the food on the ground, trampled it with his muddy boots and then ordered Kami to eat it. When Kami vomited, he ordered Kami to stay in his room till he was told to come out. Kami’s father then just walked out. For four days, Kami was left without food or water in a freezing room in January. By the time the authorities finally found him, he was barely responding.
Upon recovery, he was sent to live in a Children’s home where he formed a firm friendship with Satra. After that, with the exception of a small kidnapping incident involving Ren’s gang, the only way was up. His Mother’s sister Beatrice was found as legal custodian and he became friends with both Ren and Terone. Over the next two years he comes out of his shell, developing into a bright and bubbly, immature child, leading his friends from one mad cap adventure to the next.
Now aged 15, he volunteers himself and his friends to help out at the Mental institute his Aunt works at. There they meet Uta who marks the start of their journey to save the world.

Kami is incredibly cheerful and bright. Nearly always hyperactive, he rarely upset. Usually, negative emotions are displayed in a childish yet endearing sulk, like when he can’t get a puppy or something silly like that. Very occasionally, he will show himself to be mature and to be able to take rational decisions to help people.

The immaturity expresses a deep set longing for the childhood he never got to have. In a slightly similar way, the near constant happiness hides how empty he feels inside. At some point, he shut off his feelings so as to save his mind. Turning them back on is a lot more difficult and he has yet to learn how to do so.

1. Kami loves bright colours
2. He constantly draws, writes and paints on his walls. Sections of it are repainted every couple of months to give him more space
3. His favourite word is Shiny
4. He wriggles around a lot in his sleep so has been banned from sleeping near the other during sleep overs after kicking them all awake so many times.
5. Unsurprisingly he has a massive sweet tooth

Author’s Comment
What can I say? Kami is freaking adorable.

Unlike a lot of characters, he is purposely flanderised a good deal of the time. This is because his main characters are subconsciously an act he puts on to fulfil his desires at child hood. As his surroundings grow more and more serious and depressing, he goes out of his way to become more bright, bubbly and childish. As soon as he has to be serious however, his true depths are shown and I love him for that.

He is my oldest character in terms of being around and he delights me by how far he has come.

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